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May 2024

Building A - Possession has begun

May 6 was the first date of possession for the project!

UPDATE Building B

We have heard from Distinctive Homes that they have encountered some delays. 

As far as dates, we have not received a firm possession time from the builder at this time. 

You will receive details regarding possession date directly from Distinctive Homes.

You will receive at least 30 days notice prior to your possession. 


January 2024
We are very happy to announce that the builder has confirmed that everything is on schedule for the first phase of possession to begin April 1, 2024. 
You should be hearing from a Distinctive Homes representative soon with more details regarding your possession.

December 2023
Everything is progressing on time and possession is expected to be on schedule for Spring 2024.


September/October 2023
Building A- Exterior is complete (except deck rails and eavestrough). Drywall is progressing. Parking lot is paved. Commercial spaces getting base mechanical.
Building B- Roof being framed and progress is on track.

August 2023 
Building A - 75% Complete. Building A is pretty active with mechanical & electrical rough ins still ongoing. Plus, drywall is started in about 10 units.
Building B - is on the 3rd floor joists.
Pool & Hot Tub are poured and the parking lot preparation is underway.
June/July 2023 
Building A Exterior Siding has begun. Building B first floor framing has started.
Rock work for landscaping around the perimeter of the resort has begun.

May 2023

Building A - The Roof has begun  as well as mechanical rough in has started. Building B - Framing will begin.

Progress is on schedule

March 2023

This month we had the opportunity to view the development from top to bottom. Building A is complete up to the third floor where we had the privilege of taking in these spectacular views as they worked at completing the subfloor for this level. We were then taken down to the already complete parkade where you can see, they are already storing items for the next phase of development.

February 2023

Through out February the crew has pushed through some pretty bitter winter weather moments but the project remains on track.

You can see the progress, with Building A's second floor framing well on its way and the first floor

has windows & doors!

January 2023

The framing of the first floor of Building A is complete and the crew has begun work on the second floor.

We have been asked quite often lately if the builder is still on schedule. There was a short delay with the extreme temperatures around the holidays but with the mild weather in recent weeks things are getting back on track.


September 2022

The Parkade is poured and currently the next level is being started.

You can see the parking for all 3 buildings has been laid and the parkade roof is coming together quickly this week

The visible progress will seem to take a rapid pace from this point, especially if this beautiful weather continues.

We can expect to see the elevator stacks next and then the framing will take place from there. 

We will continue to send regular updates throughout the project's development; Currently everything is currently on schedule.

October 2022

We are happy to announce that the entire project is SOLD OUT!
Since our last update we have been told that the parkade is now complete, elevator shafts are being built and steel framing is complete.

Framing of building A has begun. We should see the framing progess on site in the coming month.

The builder is on schedule and as you can see in the photos included, progress is well on its way.

MAY 2022
This past month the MD of Bighorn No. 8 officially approved the building permit for the Sparrowhawk Lodge.

The site had been previously cleared, the construction trailer with crew are now onsite and moving forward with excavation.

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